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About Slime Magazine -One Dark and Stormy night (alright, I'm not a writer, I'm a radio/tv guy)
sitting around my electronics shop in the rear of the house with a couple of Navy buddies, a few Millers and a libation from Tennessee, the subject of protestors, liberals, websites, and patriots came up.

As I owe the Navy for my electronics training, and EE degree, and having some experience and a computer LAN network in the house, I decided to use the power of the webb to stand up for America in the face of the weenies who were dominating liberal TV networks and the movies.

Satire in picture form seemed appropriate, as this is the medium these aho's crave and want us to think they are experts in. After all, one pic is worth 10,000 grunts, eh (Neanderthals included)

We started with the site, using WW2 posters and modifying them to suit the occasion.
We then publicized it (all free stuff ) on Bulletin Boards for veterans, active military, and -- gasp!
liberal ones too. You can't believe the hate mail that generated. We loved it!!

That site led to this one, once the war was imminent. Currently the two sites get between 500 and 3,000 hits per day.

We do all this free -- free host, free programs, old paid off 200 mHz computers, because of a few things:
1. Love of Country
2. Respect for our fellow veterans

Love that part.

All the Best ,. Welcome Home Veterans!

Olde Salt
US Navy Vietnam l968-l974
A big Uh-Rah to 2nd LT Adam, Number One Son US Army