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The Ballad of Jessica Lynch

The Five Oh Seven was movin' .. in a column late one night.
Sand was fillin' up the air and hidin' tracks from sight.

Somehow they just lost their way, in the inky Iraq wastes.
The killers were approaching their souls were filled with hate.

An AK flashed, then three, then five -- her valient comrades fell.
The smell of blood was in the air, the challenge came from hell.

She fired off her weapon 'til the magazine ran dry.
They were on her in an instant, with their fists and feet and knives.


And now the desert's silent
And now the desert's dark
So keep an eye on shadows
And steer right on the mark

For there's terror in the desert
When the moon is out of sight
You're tortured in a prison
and hidden from the light

She languished under torture, beaten stabbed and shot
They'd sometimes slap her sensless as she lie upon her cot

A brave man told U.S. Marines--he really spilled the beans
An OPS plan was developed, for the rescue of Jessie.

"We're Soldiers" they told her when they saved her from the foe
"I'm a US Soldier too," Jess cried
"We're here to take you home".


Now Jessica's a hero -- a warrior brave and true.
The best of all we have to give and she gave her all for you.

2003 oldesalte music
for guitar tablature, email